From chili Chico we went back on our trip to bariloche. First crossing the border again. It was early and south american dont like to Work this early. So this took us Some time. After the border it was just around 700 kilometers on a “Oke” highway, just Some holls in the road. But this is normale. Especialy in the north part of paragonia, lake district it was really busy here we saw more cara this day then the whole 3 weeks before. A lot of tourist citys and beautiful spots. Around 7 pm we arrived in bariloche at our hostel we reservated. We Where so hungry and we read in the lonely planet About rock chixken so we went for the restaurant. It seems to Be a fast food restaurant for a Oke price. The food was Oke for the price and ill would recommend this instead of a lot other fastfood restaurants.

Today we dicided to spent the day in bariloche. And also to look forward what to do. After Beeing a tourist and buy small souffinirs and looking for christmas balls ( they dont have ) and drinking good coffee. And not very unimportant taste chocolade in Every shop, I am still Dutch and never say no to free ;), we also bought us some. Then wouter dicided to make a reservation for a boot tour tomorrow. Its a lake tour for the whole day split over 3 lakes, with 2 catamarans and 1 boot ahead to Puerto varas ( chili ). Will we looked for a hostel in buenos aires. So tomorrow we split out ways. But not yet. After reservation our tor we had to make our stuf ready, look what he need and dont need, bought us Some stuf for the trips and Some food. Tom is gonna cook, hopefully its not pasta fume. So take make it a Nice day we went back to the hostel to drink Some beers, eat and played Some yanga and monopoly ( tom lossed !).

# tom