About us

Who is behind "We And The World''?
Let's find out!

“Who are we”
We are three friends from the Netherlands.
We have been friends for a long time,
And like to travel together for more than 6 years now.
It all started with our trip to South America!

— Tom, Marissa & Wouter

Who is who?

  • Marissa

    Hai i am Marissa. I Am from Rotterdam. For me it al started with an trip to Cuba. From here i started to love traveling from SA to Scandinavia to the other side of the world. And i'm ready to see more. Getting inspired for new trips and adventures so started the first trip on this blog with watching a dutch television program. The serie named 'The panamericana road trip'. It was about lots of old timers driving from Argentina over the panamericana road to Colombia. And i said yes, how cool is this and we did it. Now several trips further we are not finisch with seeing more!!!
  • Tom

    Hallo, my name is Tom, From the Netherlands. I am a chef, worked in some of the best restaurant in the Netherlands and Belgium and got a real big passion for food. This i also show when i am traveling, I would like to taste everything. Together with my friends i want to see more of the world. Learn more of the world we live on, there cultures and people.
  • Wouter

    Yes, I am Wouter, From the Netherlands. I am also a chef. I love traveling going out for high class diners, sailing and diving. I made a trip for over one year to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand, Here i worked in one of the best restaurants. After this travel i fled like seeing more! I like to travel because it Made me feel relaxed and free. Excaping from the pressure