Uruguay day 3 Punta del este

To day is it day 3 in Uruguay. The day started early in the morning because we had to take the bus to punta del este. After the bus trip of two and a half hours we arrived at the beach city of uruguay. Frist we went to one of the most touristic attractions “the hand that come out of the sand”. It was nice to see, but I expected more from it and more hands. After a moment of patience we had finely had the change to make Some pictures. because there were to many tourist. After we walked next to the beach and after to the harbor. When we arrived in the harbor we went after a cafe for a coffee and a small break. From the moment went walking around we saw a sea lion. we followed him to a fish market en saw there see lions paying in the harbour. Af some time with the seelions we left to walk along the other Side of the beautiful beaches, you can see this is a perfect place in the summer season. After a long walking day we slowly walked back to the busterminal. We took the bus back to montevideo where we stayed the for the night.