San Pedro de atacama

Yesterday I arrived urly in de morning in San pedro the atacama. I started the day with booking some tours and went to the moon Valley my first tour. The tour bus whas full with dutch people. the tour started good we went first to some salt caves and then to a view point what looked like a moon landscape. We also went to saltstone rocks  were they had some nice story’s about. after some driving we Made a stop to see the sun set at the valley. Had dinner in the hostel and went to a star watching trip. that was amazing the moon was to bright but really nice to do and then to bed way to late because I have to get up at 6.30 tomorrow.

Red rocks this is where I went to. The tour started at 7 AM. We went first to the atacama valley, the salt laks. this was amazing to see and the flamingo’s where really close by. And its dun to see them eating it look like dansing. then we went to the red rocks it was so beautiful but I like the serouding more then the rocks then we drove to lagoons. Here we had lunch and after we went to an old village and an old church. A Classic chilian old City.

today i went up early at 4:30 Am to see the geysers, the tour is about 1:30 hours of driving and after De gijsers looking so good after that we went to some wet land to see some birds then to a lagoon to see flamingo and then to a very old lama village were i eat some lama with was good then went back to town get some food en stranded the second tour to the salt flat en lagoon of atacama

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