Last day in Bolivia!!

This day I went to the pre inca ruins. a civilization that was before the inca like er know them, but was already distroid when the inca come here. There was something to see about this people but not that mutch. the history was interesting my more also like the building and statue, the statues look a lot like the moai on easter island. and then we went to a place were there was the biggest temple of that time but we could only see a little bit. the most interesting was the carvings of the stone in perfect shapes. Its still a miracel how they did it. In the afternoon we went back to lapaz for a walk over the market then this day is over.

I took 6 Am the bus to copacabana This morning. It took 4 hours and we had to cross lake titicaca. this was alsome there is no bridge at this famous lake and you can only cross iT by boot. The one We had was a flat boot of wood with a small moter on the back and only our bus fit inside and we had to take an other boot. when we were already on the other site we had to wait for the bus because that one went really slow. Finnely in copacabana to another boot on to isla del sol. when i arrived at the island i all ready booked a hostel. it whas on the top of the mountain and i had to walk all the way up with al my stuff for 30 min the gril. On top of the mauntain i dropjes my back and walm to the view plint on the and top. the look is unbeleaveble, you can look for away and the sun set is amazing! After this we went for dinner 3 corses for 35 bolivias thats les then 5 euro. it was oke ofcourse not the best but for this price i can’t complain.


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