The last 11 day i didn’t write my story. Because when I arrived in sucre I dicided to do some spanish lessons for 2 hours a day. with faby who is a great teacher but give me a hard time. i did this evey day and had to do homework and studie for the whole dag. Ill try to walk around the city and Some spanish took me for some free salsa lesson. Here i meet a lot of nieuwe people who became like a hostel family went to the cementary and the house of liberty withs was very nice learnt a lot about the bolivia hostels en then i left to go on a night bus to casabamba. an old bus but oke I arrived at 5 at cacababa in the morning then to the hostel en then a walk around then to the markt. and a jesus statue after that I went to botanic garden it was not good the same as the old house after i went back to my new hostel.

# wouter