Puerto natales

We have the last days a lot of bad luck, bad weather and a lot of the Nice hikes and views are closed. So we thought to get Some good karma for the next few days we gonna help a backpacker who was in the same hostel. Because she whas alone it was easy for us to take her to the aeroport. After we whent straight to Puerto natales, saw on the wat a Nice old mine and crossed again the borders. Arrived in our hostel the women from the hostel told us the W track was closed, and we were shocked! Again bad karma. But we didnt want to leave it with this so we went on to the tourist Office and asked for Some more information. Luckly for us he told us the weather is better and probely from tomorrow the track is open. Yes!!! Now the next problem. It is nessersary that you have reservate the camping spots, we didnt, and because of the storm Every shop is closed in this city by the gouverment, so also the travel agency’s. After a lot of trying a guy in the hostel said that he could help me. I think karma was just playing with us. So will I was getting the camp spots and bus tickets, Marissa and wouter went to the supermarket to get some food for the next couple of days.  And from tomorrow till Sunday we are hiked in Torres del Paine in chili!!!


# tom