Back to earth

Thirt day in ushuaia. Today is going to be an heavy day for me because I disided to go diving in at a lake in “the end of the world” where the water is freezing. Tom en marissa dropt me at the harbour where my diving instructor already was waiting in front of de building. I’ll went inside he explained how it works diving with a dry suit instead of a wetsuit and what are the diverents. because I never dive with a drysuit before and in this cold water it would be a great experiance. After the explanation i had to put more clothes on, the water is COLD!!! We went inside a small boot to our first diving spot. the view from the water was already amazing, so clear water. When we arrived at de spot we went down. the first touch with the water was ice cold. but after a wile it wil went. amazing what i saw under the water. totally different what i saw before under water. at one point it thought i what’s swimming inside a underwater forest. I saw some kingkrabs and some other weird animals. After 40 minutes we went outside the water and went to the second spot for the next and last dive. After 37 min went back up and I hade the feeling my hands ware frozen. We went back to the harbour and bespoke the diving.

Tom and Marissa had some bad luck. Tom wanted to so the mountain hike. A climb on top of the highest mountain in terra del fueg. But the mountain was closed because there where some fallen trees and tomuch snow. They also wanted to get the stamp out of the post office and send some cards. But also this failed. Because this what’s also closed.

After a wile they picked me up and we went straight to the closest parking lot for a hike to lagona esmeralda. This what’s our second time we tryed to get there. it was al  long and puddy walk, even longer then I expected but it worth it the. The lagoon is amazing beautiful to see. Because the road what’s so really hard an ruff I thought Ill found a better way back. but tom didn’t agree with me. He had his feets, shoes and everything under the mud. After this really amazing walk we went back in the car to ushuaia for some souvenirs en food. And we started our drive forwards to te ferry. Because it what’s late and we drive inside the mountains we decided to sleep in de car at a gasstation in tolhuin. 

# wouter